Text & Illustrations:  Justyna Styszyńska




48 pages


 16,5 x 19 cm










Four books, four eco-systems, the same idea –  to teach, develop imagination and give children excellent time. Each part moves us to a new environment and describes its residents.

Texts describing animals are ideal for children – short, simple, selective, without dry encyclopedic knowledge but “sparkling” and very pictorial (stimulating imagination).

The artwork – small size perfectly fitting children’s hands, excellent quality of the paper, reusable stickers, and most importantly beautiful, maverick drawings without childishness.

After meeting the residents of a forest, field, mountains, Arctic, and Antarctic (the Author divided the book Poles into two parts so that a penguin would not have to meet a polar bear), the child may create his or her own world, sticking animals on the prepared background. Children have a chance to spread the wings of their imagination, to experiment, and to create crossbreeds – for example, an owl with a hare – using stickers representing different parts of animals’ bodies (eyes, ears, noses, muzzles, fangs, or antlers).