Text & Illustrations:  Nika Jaworowska- Duchlińska



56 pages


29,7 x 21 cm



This is a story about what happens when the true Santa finds out, thanks to his reindeers, that someone is stepping in his shoes.

This is a creative textbook where everyone can become the author of the story. While reading and creating the book at the same time, everyone can become an artist and detective.

Two reindeers working for Santa were running at night through the forest carrying lots of gifts.

When they stopped to rest for a moment they noticed something disturbing. In the clearing they spotted a man dressed in red holding a huge sack. That wasn’t Santa! They followed him and then saw something absolutely terrifying – there were 20 of them! They decided to start an investigation.

Readers shouldo find out who this gang is. You have to start with reading the instructions and detective essentials (including difficult but very important words for detectives like deduction, reconstruction, and logic). Then grab your pencils,crayons and pens and start creating your version of this story.