Text & Illustrations: Justyna Styszyńska 




48 pages


 16,5 x 19 cm


English sample available!



Resultado de imagen de bieguny las widnokrągImagen relacionada


Four books, four  eco-systems, the same idea –  to teach, develop imagination and give children excellent time. Each part moves us to a new environment and describes its residents.

Texts describing animals are ideal for children – short, simple, selective, without dry encyclopaedic knowledge but “sparkling” and very pictorial (stimulating imagination).

The artwork – small size perfectly fitting children’s hands, excellent quality of the paper, reusable stickers, and most importantly beautiful, maverick drawings without childishness.

After meeting the residents of a forest, field, Arctic and Antarctic (the Author divided the book Poles into two parts so that a penguin would not have to meet a polar bear), the child may create his or her own world, sticking animals on the prepared background. Children have a chance to spread the wings of their imagination, to experiment and to create crossbreeds – for example an owl with a hare – using stickers representing different parts of animals’ body (eyes, ears, noses, muzzles, fangs or antlers).


Resultado de imagen de bieguny las widnokrąg



Resultado de imagen de bieguny widnokrąg



Resultado de imagen de bieguny i ich niezwykli widnokrąg