Text: Szymon Tomiło

Illustrations:  Katarzyna Bogucka



24 paginas


29,5 x 41 cm


Rights sold: Spain (Spanish, Catalan)

Spanish sample available!


Mention, BolognaRagazzi Award 2015 in Books&Seeds category


A kitchen is the starting point of this culinary workbook that leaves lots of gaps to be filled in by the reader interacting to produce the book.

Page after page, the reader is invited to take part in a series of activities and become the protagonist of food-linked places, tasks, and choices from setting the table and enjoying a convivial meal, to shopping and growing food. Various situations outlined on each page can be customized for individual readers becoming a kind of reflection on the many facets of our daily food experience.

You can plan your shopping, go to a market, have a picnic, organize an international feast, find out what a vegan could eat, and learn how to make brioche. All you need is to draw.









Resultado de imagen de wytwórnik kulinarny