Text: Marta Guśniowska  

Illustrations: Robert Romanowicz



96 pages

Hard cover

30 x 20 cm


Rights sold: Spain


Distinction at Ibby Award (Polish section) for Best Book 2017.

Best Children`s Book 2018 at the Children’s Literature Festival.


The main character of this funny and moving story is the Goose, who has a serious problem: she can’t see any point to her life, feels useless, and in spare moments she sighs and writes melancholy poems.

Goose comes to the conclusion that it will be best for her to get eaten by Fox and she tries to convince him to gobble her up.

Fox categorically refuses but wants to help his friend, so they set out on a journey to Wolf’s home.

Along the way, they meet other animals that try to prove to our heroine that life can be meaningful.

There are moments of suspense,  but the story ends happily. You have never read such a surprising book about the sense of life and friendship. I guarantee you that he will not be able to stop laughing.

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